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Balance Money
is fee-free automated saving easy banking your new bank modern FREEDOM

Take control of your finances

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Budgeting is HARD
Let us help!

Balance Money is a personalized-banking solution built to empower YOU by giving you more control of your finances. We automate everyday financial tasks, provide budgeting tools and give you insights aimed at helping you achieve your financial goals.


Put your budgeting on Autopilot.
When you get paid, Balance Money Automatically budgets your Bills, Goals, and Daily Spending for you!

Safe To Spend

Balance Money gives you an easy view of exactly WHAT YOU CAN SPEND each month or each pay period based off of your income and budgets.

Manage Subscriptions

Too Many Subscriptions?
Paying for Subscriptions you have forgot about?

Find, pause, skip, or even cancel them!

Early Payday

Get paid 2 days early when you set up direct deposit with Balance Money. Just another reason Balance Money gets you money sooner and

Why bank with Balance Money?

Effortless Envelopes

Set money aside in a digital money envelope! Our automation makes it easy to budget based on your spending habits or save for a goal.

Roundup Savings

Automatically deposit change from each transaction into your savings account.

Shared Bills

Rent, Groceries, Netflix, and everything in-between - With Shared Bills, you can contribute any $ amount to a shared bill.

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